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Barca d'Alva, Portugal Cruise Port

Barca d’Alva is a village that is located in a valley found at Douro. It is near the border of Spain and has been inserted into the National Park of Douro International. The village is situated between terraces of vines and olives, and rolling hills. It is partially isolated from the rest of the country which makes it a quiet place. The town is well known for wine, which has been produced there since Roman times over 2,000 years ago. The village has several historic buildings which give it a unique charm. The region has a slightly cooler and mild climate than the other regions in the country. The village is small and a visitor can easily get around on foot and take the opportunity to enjoy the sights and beautiful scenery. Below are some of the interesting aspects that make it a good idea to take a cruise to Barca d’Alva port:
  • The railway station is a good place to visit in Barca d’Alva. The development of the city is attributed to the construction of the Douro Railway back in the 19th century and the rail link to Spain that made it possible for it to link to the rest of Europe.
  • Barca d’Alva is a village that has embraced commerce. Visitors can easily access and purchase a wide array of souvenirs that are manufactured in the region. These include jewelry, bags, wine and jewelry. The products are interesting and represent various aspects of the region.
  • The land around the region is rich in agriculture which presents a good environment for crops. Some of the crops that are grown in Barca d’Alva are vineyards, almond and olive groves. Exploring the agricultural landscapes is a good way to learn more about the crops.
  • Barca d’Alva is the richest region that produces wine in Portugal. Visitors to the area are given the chance to sample the traditional port-wine that overlooks a breathtaking landscape. The wine vineyards are good places to visit in the region.
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