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Blaye, France Cruise Port

Blaye is a commune that is located in southwestern France. The town of Blaye is popular mainly due to the citadel and fortifications that were built by Vauban back in the 18th century. It is estimated to have a population of roughly 4,700 people. Although the town is small, it has a history of strategic and military significance. There was a time when Blaye was a port of the Santones. In line with tradition, Frankish hero Roland was buried in a basilica on the site of the citadel. The citadel was an important stronghold in history which helped in the wars against the English and the French Wars of Religion. In 1832-1833, the duchess of Berry was imprisoned in the citadel’s fortress. The town was initially named Blaye-et-Saint-Luce and was later renamed Blaye in 1961. Below are some of the reasons why taking a cruise to Blaye port is a good idea:
  • In 2008, the Citadel of Blaye, together with the city walls, the Fort Medoc and Fort Pate were listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Vauban, who was a famous French military engineer, was the one who built the forts with the aim of protecting Blaye.
  • The region around the area is mainly popular because of the Cotes de Blaye, the red wine that is made in the vineyards near it. Visitors to the area get the opportunity to taste and discover the different amazing wines.
  • There is a market in the region that opens on every Wednesday and Saturday. It is a good place that gives visitors the chance to purchase local produce. Some of the notable local products that are available in the market are asparagus of Blayais, the gourmet vegetable and Blaye’s pralines.
  • The town relies on multiple industries to generate income. The town has a small-river port that is mainly used to export grain. Fine red wine that is also produced in the district is also a good revenue source. Moreover, it also has a nuclear power station.
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