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Avignon, France Cruise Port

When you think of Catholicism and the Pope, most everyone thinks of Italy, where the Pope lives. However, for 67 years this small town in the South of France was the head of the papacy and was home to seven popes. This history is a major focal point of this town which lies along the Rhone River. Cruise to Avignon and enjoy the Medieval walls built by the popes, along with cathedrals, palaces and bridges. Today the city is not as bustling, but it is a popular place for cruisers and is known for its summertime theater festival. Featured below are a few of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Avignon, France:


  • The must-see attraction in Avignon is the Palais de Papes which was built as the home to the popes and served as a fortress. It is the largest gothic building built during the Middle Ages.
  • Tour the ramparts, or city walls, built during the time of the popes.
  • Cross the Pont St-Benezet, also known to many from a famous French song as the Pont d’ Avignon. This bridge was believed to have been built by a shepherd boy with some divine help.
  • Explore the art collection of Espirit Calvet, a doctor from the 1800s who left his paintings and other riches to the town at the Calvet Museum
  • Visit the Mausoleum of Pope John XXII at the impressive Avignon Cathedral, a 12th century cathedral.

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