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Speyer, Germany Cruise Port

When cruising to Speyer, Germany expect to see many enchanting and ancient buildings as this city is the oldest in Germany. As the oldest city, it is also the resting place for eight prior German emperors and kings. The Romanesque Cathedral is something that cannot be missed on your cruise to Speyer, Germany because of its impressive size and beautiful designs. Located along the banks of the Rhine river, this city was discovered around 10 BCE with the establishment of a Roman camp. The most important factor of the establishment was its location along one of Europe’s traffic routes during that time. Today, the city celebrates its 2,000th anniversary as the oldest city. Aside from its history, it is also well-known for its Palatine wine making and celebrations of festivals. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite things to see and do on your cruise to Speyer, Germany:
  • Visit the Speyer Cathedral, the biggest church of its time, has a thousand years of history behind it and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • View the City Hall, a beautiful historic building that is used today for music concerts and weddings.
  • Explore the Fish Market, what is now a common place for meeting with a fountain in the middle; used to be a flourishing fish market and a large part of the area’s life.
  • See the beautiful Memorial Church, the tallest steeple that towers over everything in the town, was built in neo-Gothic style.

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