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Cologne, Germany Cruise Port

The fourth largest city in Germany, Cologne is a city filled with spirited people who have strong ties to their city. Cologne lies on both sides of the Rhine River and was originally founded by the Romans. The citizens, who call themselves Kolsche, speak their own language, Ripuarian, which came from the Franks in the 4th century. This liberal city is probably most known as the birthplace of Eau de Cologne, which is still produced in the city to this day. Featured below are a few of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Cologne, Germany:
  • If you are a fan of Picasso, venture to the Ludwig Museum which has the third largest collection of Picasso artwork in the world. It also has great works by Warhol and Dali. 
  • Towering over the city is the Kolner Dom, the city’s giant cathedral, the largest in all of Germany. Its most coveted treasure is The Shrine of the Three Magi, which is decorated with gold and silver. 
  • Head to a local brewery or bar to try the locally brewed beer called Kolsch, typically served in small glasses. 
  • Who doesn’t love chocolate? Get to know the “elixir of the gods” better at the city’s chocolate museum where you’ll learn about how it’s made and its cultural history. 

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