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Germersheim, Germany Cruise Port

A quaint, riverside town, Germersheim is located along the Rhine River and has been recorded in writings from as early as 1090. Cobbled streets, lined with historic churches and cute cafes, make this a perfect stop on your river cruise. On the western side of the town, there is a fortress constructed in the 19th century, just after Bavarian troops earned independence for the town. This fortress played an important part in World War I, as the French troops clashed with Germans on the banks of the Rhine.

  • Construction on this castle started in 1214 and ruins still stand today. Make sure you don’t miss a visit to the Heidelberg Castle, which played a large part in the development of the Bavarian culture in the region.
  • Happy Holidays! Germersheim is home to one of the iconic German Christmas Markets. Don’t forget to grab those last second gifts!
  • World War II buffs will have to take a stroll down Hans-Graf-von-Sponeck-Straße, a street named for a famed General who halted his troops against Hitler’s orders and was later sentenced to death.

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