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Boppard, Germany Cruise Port

Wine aficionados will adore a cruise along the upper Middle Rhine River to the romantic port of Boppard, Germany (formerly spelled as Boppart). Located in Germany's lush Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis district, this UNESCO World Heritage Rhine Gorge town is famous for the winegrowing region that surrounds it. It draws in plenty of tourists each year, as it's also a state-recognized resort. The town's history goes back at least 13,000 years, when tools started being used by the Federmesser group (late Upper Paleolithic-era people specific to the Northern European Plain) and also includes settlements by the Celtic people. After belonging the Holy Roman Empire, Napoleon, and Prussia, Boppard finally became part of Germany's newly-formed Rhineland-Palatinate state in 1946. Today, Boppard is divided into ten districts to entice travelers, whether they prefer shopping, exploring nature, or a relaxing spa vacation. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Boppard, Germany:
  • The chair lift or Sesselbahn takes you high above the town to the lookout point called Vierseenblick, or "Four-Lake View," a gorgeous vantage point of the Rhine. You can take a hiking trail down, or just take the lift back. At the top, you'll find a couple of cafés where you can enjoy the view with some cake and coffee.
  • Saint Severus’s Church (Pfarrkirche St. Severus) in the Marktplatz has parts that date back the 12th century. This incarnation was built on top of 6th-century early Christian church, as well as over a Roman military bath. The exterior is right out of a picture postcard and the stained glass windows inside are breathtaking.
  • For climbers, the Traumschleife Klettersteig (The Rock Climb Dream Loop) gets you loads of fresh air, and a view of possibly the most scenic bend of the Rhine. There are eleven more challenging climbing passages, or take the "rambler's version" with alternative, more gentle paths.
  • Archaeology buffs will want to visit Roemer-Kastell Bodobrica, or the Roman castrum wall ruins not far from the marketplace and built around 4th century A.D. The walls were used into the Middle Ages and are in the process of being renovated.

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