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Bamberg, Germany Cruise Port

Unlike many other cities in Germany, Bamberg came out relatively untouched from bombings during the Second World War. This means that the city’s older structures have survived and can serve as a great example of medieval architecture and city planning from that time period. It was named a UNESCO heritage site because of its preserved buildings. Aside from its architecture, Bamberg town is known for its beer, including its popular smoked beer, Rauchbier. Speak with one of our river cruise experts for help planning a cruise to Bamberg, Germany. Featured below are a few of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Bamberg:
  • Located on one of the city’s seven hills is Kaiserdom, a cathedral which began construction in 1215. Buried here is Pope Clement II, making it the only papal tomb north of the Alps. 
  • Visit the Neue Residenz, which was constructed as a palace in the 17th century. Inside you’ll uncover tapestries, baroque furnishings and portraits. 
  • Learn about Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffman, an 18th century philosopher, at the house he lived in when he moved to Bamberg in 1808. 
  • Along the banks of the Regnitz River is the Klein Venedig, a row of tiny homes on stilts where fisherman lived. Stroll this neighborhood for a quaint afternoon. 

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