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Kalocsa, Hungary Cruise Port

Cruising along the Danube River, you’ll find the port of Kalocsa, Hungary near its left bank. With rich history (it's one of the oldest towns in Hungary), importance as an ecclesiastical jurisdiction, and modern cultural offerings, there plenty of sights as well as a plethora of festivals for the traveler lucky enough to catch them. The original diocese was founded around the year 1000 by King Stephen the Saint; Kalocsa developed from it around 1135. Later invasions by the Ottomans tore Hungary apart, with archbishops attempting to put it back together afterward. Industrial development within Europe in the 19th and early 20th centuries bypassed Kalocsa; it wasn't until the 1960s that the town really starting coming into its own. Because of this, it remains a charming town whose visitors feel they've stepped into the past. Here are some of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Kalocsa, Hungary:
  • Many of the attractions in Kalocsa are religious in nature, starting with the Szentháromság tér or Holy Trinity Square. The column was made in 1786 by Lipót Salm, with a statue of St. Stephen nearby. You'll also find a war memorial honoring those who fought in World War I, and a statue of Hungarian composer Franz Liszt.
  • Near the Square is the Archbishop’s Cathedral, which has been through several renovations because of war damage. Designed by Andras Mayerhoffer and built around 1735-1754, the baroque Cathedral used to have three statues on the bridge connecting its towers; only Mary – who is the patron saint of Hungary – remains intact.
  • A visit to the Archbishop’s Castle Library will show you some of the world’s most coveted literary treasures, including a Singalesian Bible scribed on palm leaves and an autographed Martin Luther Bible.
  • With paprika or "red gold" as one of the town's major exports and a popular ingredient in Hungarian cooking, little wonder that the Paprika Museum is a popular draw. Along with learning about the history and production of the spice, there are paintings, religious artefacts, and handcrafted items featuring the famous Kalocsa embroidery.
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