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Vidin, Bulgaria Cruise Port

No southern Danube River cruise would be complete without a stop at the port of Vidin, Bulgaria, one of the country's oldest towns, one full of history. Right on the river's border, Vidin is close to both Serbia and Romania, so it's a popular stop on Danube tours. With roots that go back to at least the 3rd century B.C. (when it was a Celtic settlement), it eventually became part of the Roman Empire and remained as such through the 14th century. Thanks to the influence from the Romans, as well as the Ottoman Turks and more modern Bulgarians, Vidin remains a fascinating mix of architectural styles. It’s the well-preserved buildings that draw in many of the town’s tourists; another draw is the nearby town of Belogradchik (about an hour south), famous for its unique rock formations. Here are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Vidin, Bulgaria:
  • One of the highlights here is the medieval Baba Vida Fortress. Built between the 10th and 14th century, it claims to be the only completely preserved medieval castle in Bulgaria. Examine the tools and other artefacts that were part of daily life; for a chill, check out the cells and hanging area, then warm up with a gorgeous view of the Danube.
  • To get a comprehensive look at the town's history, visit the Historical Museum Vidin, also called Konaka Museum (you can get a combined ticket with Baba Vida Fortress). Formerly an Ottoman konak, or residence, and then a police station, you'll find exhibits from all of Vidin's eras, even the prehistoric one. It's also an excellent example of Bulgarian Renaissance architecture.
  • Built in the 17th century, the Orthodox St. Panteleimon Church looks simple on the outside but the inside is covered with amazing period artwork. You may need to find one of the clergymen to open the door, but once inside, you'll get a thorough and very informative tour.
  • Take a break from the past at the Danube River Park, where you can enjoy sun or shade, have some ice cream or lunch, and do some people-watching.
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