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Linz, Austria Cruise Port

When cruising to Linz, Austria you will be able to sense the history that was built here just by walking through the town. Old churches, monuments, castles and museums will help fill you in with the history of the area. Finding yourself along the green foothills of the Alps is something that offers an amazing view for your cruise to Linz, Austria. Walking along the Danube in this part of the country is hard to find a bad view with the wonderful green forests and hills that surround. There are a lot of beautiful parks that give the perfect relaxing moment after wandering the exciting city and visiting the historic areas. The castle of Linz dates back to the early Middle Ages, has been renovated since, but has many wonderful features. There is a museum of history that is in the complex that will show you about the history of folk art and culture. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite things to do when cruising to Linz, Austria:
  • Walk or bike along the trail that surrounds the city and covers many scenic and exciting areas.
  • Visit the Pstlingberg Church, a beautiful sanctuary that was founded during the 18th century and always open for visits.
  • Explore Old Town, the area that has a variety of different architectures due to fires and reconstruction.
  • Sample some authentic food in a nearby restaurant or café for a unique experience.

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