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Vukovar, Croatia Cruise Port

When cruising through the Danube River, you may reach the adjoining Vuka River and the bustling port of Vukovar, Croatia. The country's largest river port, Vukovar is across the border from Serbia with a number of its population made up of Serbian people. Thanks to its location in the eastern part of Croatia, Vukovar also connects to Budapest and Vienna upstream, as well as Romania downstream, making it an important trade route. While the city has a long history that dates back to the Bronze Age, its best known for its fate after World War II: This was the last European city to be totally devastated by conflict in 1991. The damage is still evident, although there are plenty of sights to see and delightful local cuisine to sample (especially for those who enjoy freshwater fish). Here are some of our favorite experiences while visiting the cruise port of Vukovar, Croatia:
  • The amazing and award-winning Vukovar Municipal Museum was founded in 1948 and is now housed in Eltz Manor. It contains some of the most important artefacts from prehistory up through today, along with a collection of modern Croatian art. You'll also find a science and multimedia center along with video footage of the war that raged here.
  • The Ovcara Memorial Center is a sobering reminder of the cost of war. A short drive from the city and not far from where Serb soldiers killed doctors and patients on the Ovcara field, the memorial is a place to reflect and honor the fallen.
  • The Crkva Sv. Filipa i Jakova (Church of St. Filip and Jacob) is the city's main Catholic cathedral, and the third longest church in Croatia. Originally built in 1723, it sustained a lot of damage during the war but is rebuilding. A tour guide is helpful in giving information about the church and the siege that took place here.
  • For a break from history, take a stroll along the Danube River Walkway. There's a lot of reconstruction going on, but there are still pretty rose gardens and plenty of restaurants to enjoy a meal with a view.

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