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Engelhartszell, Austria Cruise Port

For lush forests and abundant farmland, the cruise port of Engelhartszell an der Donau, Austria is like stepping into a European postcard from another era. With its inception dating back to Roman times, this charming market town located in the upper Danube valley within the Innviertel (a region southeast of the Inn River) is known for its romantic hiking trails. The origin and meaning of its bright red and yellow coat of arms, punctuated by two white six-pointed stars, remains a mystery; however, the first recorded mention of its use in an official capacity is from a 1749 seal (with a private document from 1700 shows it actually existed before government use). For the perfect way to unwind after a walk or bike ride, relax in a café serving traditional Austrian dishes while you gaze at the Danube. Here are some of our favorite experiences while cruising to the port of Engelhartszell, Austria:
  • Stift Engelszell or Engelszell Abbey is the only Trappist monastery in Austria. It's also home to the only Trappist brewery in Austria (and only one of eight total outside of Belgium). Founded in 1293, there's a nice variety of monk-made brews to purchase, such as blond Nivard and dark Gregorius. There are also cheeses made by the monks for sale in the shop.
  • Close to the monastery is the Abbey Church, which was built between 1754 and 1764 and is considered one of Austria´s most authentic Rococo-style buildings. Along with its impressive tower, you'll find historic works by such artists as Bartolomeo Altomonte and Joseph Deutschmann.
  • For more history, visit the Blacksmith Museum which houses a 400-year-old blacksmithy, operated by the Maislinger Family until 1951. Thanks to Engelhartszell's location, horse-drawn ships upriver made for poor riverside trails and the need for horses to get re-shod often which created the need for a nearby blacksmith.
  • For an overview of the town's history, check out the Engelhartszell Donau Welt exhibition, which delves into the area's economy and lifestyle.
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