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Prague, Czech Republic Cruise Port

Considered a capital of European culture on the same level as Paris, Rome and Amsterdam, Prague is finally getting the tourism and recognition of those Western cities. As the capital city of The Czech Republic, the city was under communist rule until its peaceful “Velvet Revolution” of 1989. Now it is open and tourism makes up half of its economy. What makes Prague so special is its beautiful medieval architecture and strong history of intellectualism For instance, Einstein taught here, Kafka wrote Metamorphosis here and the first female Nobel Peace Prize winner was born and raised here. Cruise to beautiful Prague and experience the best of the Czech Republic. Featured below are a few of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Prague, Czech Republic:
  • Have a romantic moment strolling over the city’s most beautiful spot, The Charles Bridge, with its imposing statues. Try to come early during dawn for a beautiful view without the throng of tourists. 
  • Discover the Art Noveau posters and paintings by Alphonse Mucha at the Mucha Museum. Mucha created romantic posters featuring graceful women with blue eyes. 
  • Stroll along Golden Lane. This row of tiny cottages was built in the 16th century for sharpshooters of the castle guard, and then they became the homes of craftsman like goldsmith and later artisans like Kafka and a famous fortune teller. Now you can tour these homes and get an idea for their former residents. 
  • Head to the Prague Castle, which Guinness lists as the biggest ancient castle in the world. The Castle is a complex with several buildings, museums and a well-manicured garden. You can also check out the changing of the Presidential Guard. 
  • Take a trip to Pilsen, a town about an hour away from Prague, to tour their brewery where Pilsner Urquell is still produced. Pilsen has been brewing since 1295, but created the golden beer it’s most famous for in the 1800s. 
  • Attend a performance at the National Marionette Theater, where the stringed puppets perform the likes of The Magic Flute and Don Giovanni. 

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