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Pecs, Hungary Cruise Port

Mohacs is a river port and town located in Hungary on the Danube River, to the East-Southeast of Pecs. Mohacs is popularly known for two battles that took place there. These are namely the Battle of Mohacs 1526 and the Battle of Mohacs 1687. The battles are of historical significance to the country because they represented the start and the end of the domination of Hungary by the Ottoman Empire. Some of the light industries in the area focus on the manufacture of wood fibers, silk, and hemp. The country is nowadays known to be a popular tourist destination, and visitors are assured of enjoying a wide range of activities in the area. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences, activities, and features that visitors cruising to Mohacs, Pecs, Hungary will enjoy:
  • There are several recommended accommodation options in Mohacs. Szent Janos Hotel is a good place to consider staying at. The rooms are nice and visitors get a good view of the region from the balconies. The food is also good.
  • Dining is usually a big factor that should be prioritized when travelling. In the case of Mohacs, the town has multiple restaurants such as Revkapu Restaurant that serve a wide variety of dishes and drinks to accompany meals. A person can even choose to indulge in common local foods.
  • Visitors are advised to go for an excursion to the city of Pecs, which is located near Mohacs. It offers a lot such as museums, exhibitions, concerts, theatres to architectural jewels. People can also learn a lot about the culture of the region after visiting the area.
  • One of the most popular events in the region is the annual Busójárás carnival. It is a celebration of the Croats living in the town. It attracts thousands of people to the region, who travel from all over the globe to see the wonderful costumes, masks, parades, and dances.

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