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Oltenita (Bucharest), Romania Cruise Port

About 36 miles southeast of the capital city of Bucharest where the Arges River flows into the Danube is the charming cruise port of Oltenita, Romania. In fact, you can stand on the Danube's riverbank and gaze across the waters to the neighboring city of Tutrakan in Bulgaria. While the area has been inhabited since at least the Neolithic period (around 4th millennium B.C.), the first mention of a town with this name doesn't appear until 1515. Valuable archaeological finds from the area are attributed to the Gumelnita culture. During the Russo-Turkish War in the late 1800s, Oltenita provided an important crossing point for troops to reach Bulgaria and aid the Russians. The city's most famous resident is Ion Iliescu, who served as the second president of Romania from 1989 until 1996, and again from 2000 until 2004. Here are some of our favorite experiences when cruising to Oltenita, Romania:
  • The Archaeological Museum was established in 1957 and exhibits artefacts from Gumelnita culture. Here, you can see the stone tools, antler, pottery, figurines, vessels, and other treasures that were used by the city's ancient residents.
  • For locally made handcrafted goods (including wooden furniture and other souvenir items), check out the city’s open market in the town center. There are plenty of other shops and malls nearby as well, such as the Bucuresti Mall and City Mall of Oltenita.
  • The Heroes Monument on Republicii Avenue features two characters – a soldier and a woman – with a bronze plaque naming the 166 soldiers who perished during World War I battles.
  • This is a city that loves its food and Romanian dishes (which are an eclectic mix of cuisine influences from the Germans, Serbians, Romani, Bulgarians, and Hungarians). The residents also love their beer, and some of the recipes used date back to Viking times.

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