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Ilok, Croatia Cruise Port

Ilok is the easternmost town in Croatia, located in the Syrmia region on the Fruška Gora hill overlooking the Danube river. It has a rich history that dates back to the Roman times, when it was a border fortress called Cuccium. Ilok was also a royal residence and a wine-producing center in the Middle Ages, ruled by the powerful Nikola Ilocki, who was a claimant to the throne of Bosnia and Hungary. Ilok is famous for its medieval fortifications, its Odescalchi Castle that hosts a museum, and its two Ottoman monuments: a Turkish bath and a grave of a Turkish nobleman. Ilok is also known for its wine-growing hills, where the local grape variety called Graševina produces a high-quality white wine. Ilok is a charming and authentic destination for those who love nature, culture and gastronomy.
  • Sip History: Visit the Old Wine Cellars, where you can learn about the history of winemaking in Ilok and taste some of the wines that were served at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and the weddings of Princes William and Harry.
  • Country Charm: Explore the Principovac Country Estate, a beautiful winery with tennis courts, golf courts and a wedding party area. You can enjoy the green and peaceful scenery and order a glass of wine or coffee.
  • Journey Through Time: Tour the Castle Odescalchi-Museum of Ilok, where you can see how the aristocracy lived in this part of Croatia hundreds of years ago. You can also admire the medieval Ilok Fortress and the Sanctuary, Church and Friary of St. John of Capistrano.
  • Enchanting Slavonia: Experience the Magic of Slavonia, a shore excursion that includes a guided tour of Pejacevic Castle, a private classical music concert, a lunch and winetasting at Feravino Winery, and a visit to Dakovo State Stud Farm to see the majestic Lipizanner horses.

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