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Kinderdijk, Netherlands Cruise Port

When cruising to Kinderdijk, Netherlands expect to be amazed by the windmill system that allows the area to be in existence today. The village resides in a small area in Southern Holland, where a series of windmills and dikes are needed to maintain the town. Without the windmills, the town that is 20 feet below sea level would have been flooded many years ago. The windmills can be seen from afar or at a museum where you can learn a little more about their history on your cruise to Kinderdijk, Netherlands. Large brick drainage mills that were built in the 1700’s, 19 of them all together, are what make Kinderdijk the town with the largest amount and most historic as well. The town of Kinderdijk is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where the windmills can actually be viewed from the inside. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite things when cruising to Kinderdijk, Netherlands:
  • Watch the windmills from a distance, it’s quite a spectacular site to see, whether they’re running or not.
  • Explore a windmill through a guided tour where you can learn more about how they work and the history behind them.
  • Sample some of the local food, such as their famous cheese, in a nearby pub or restaurant to try something new and different.
  • Rent some ice skates and enjoy an afternoon of gliding across town along the patches of ice.

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