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Osijek, Croatia Cruise Port

While cruising to Osijek, Croatia, an important transport hub in the northeastern region of Croatia and the fourth largest city in the country, a few authentic features and landmarks will stand out above the rest. Known to have endured much of the impact of the Battle of Osijek which took place between 1991 and 1992 during the Croatian War of Independence, the cruise port of Osijek bears the scars of this painful reminder in its steady recovering process. The beauty within the cracks is still seen by the wandering eye determined to find the former glory of this beautiful city in the bricks and stones of some of its most prominent architecture. Regaining its poise through booming hotels and restaurants, increasing flow of tourists, influx of foreign students and the restoration of major attractions, the cruise port of Osijek, Croatia is well on its way to becoming a widely-acclaimed cruise destination in the next few years.
Your cruise to Osijek, Croatia will be incomplete without visiting these places of attraction:
  • Church of Saints Peter and Paul is a breathtaking neo-Gothic sacral structure built in 1898 with beautiful red bricks that contribute to its distinctiveness. The interior is just as impressive with brightly colored frescoes and stained glass windows. Located in the center of Osijek, this multi-tiered 90m spire is undisputably one of Osijek’s most revered attractions.
  • Calling all wine lovers to discover the most splendid wine bar the cruise port of Osijek has to offer. Serving the best of local and foreign wines, Vinoteka Vinita creates an intimate space in a relaxed environment where real cultural exchanges take place. Make it a point to stop by for a friendly chat with the staff and visitors while enjoying a great taste of the northeastern region of Croatia.
  • Check out Portanova, a shopping center in the cruise port of Osijek if you have a few hours to kill. This is an excellent place to encounter several natives and foreigners alike. The shopping experience is great with wonderful gift shops to purchase rare memorabilia and souvenirs.

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