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Ludwigshafen, Germany Cruise Port

Ludwigshafen is a city in Germany that lies along the Rhine River, which flows through a number of different countries. Unlike many of the Medieval and old Roman cities the river flows past, Ludwigshafen has a newer history as it wasn’t officially established until the late 18th century. While the area was discovered long before, little was built because much of the area was swampland due to consistent flooding from the Rhine. When the French occupied this Rheinschanze region—Ludwigshafen and numerous surrounding cities—they became a crucial trading port which lead to substantial infrastructure finally being built in the former swampland by the middle of the 19th century. The once small settlement grew exponentially due to its ideal port setting and because BASF Chemical set up factories there. By the end of the century the population grew large enough to grant Ludwigshafen city status. The area remains well populated and is visited for its modern appeal.


  • For a very modern shopping center, head to the Rhein-Galerie. Besides its many shops, it includes restaurants with cuisines from around the world, and in the winter it has a Christmas market with a DJ and games for the children.
  • Kitzinett is a rare but interesting cat museum with as many actual cats on the premises as there are exhibits. Guests are also welcomed to spend the night in the attached inn.
  • The Wildpark Rheingonheim is home to numerous animals you’d expect to see on a farm or in a petting zoo. However, this beautiful park gives you the opportunity to see these animals in a different habitat.
  • Enjoy a relaxing stroll or jog through Ebertpark, a grand green oasis in the middle of the bustling metropolis. Ponds and fountains are spread throughout, adding to its beauty.

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