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Viviers, France Cruise Port

Tucked behind the end of the Donzere Pass, the cruise port of Viviers, France is an old world charm and a well preserved medieval town with many interesting stories waiting to be discovered and retold by gem seekers. All year round, it enjoys a favorable Mediterranean climate suitable for vine and fruit trees. Set in a mountainous province in the department of Ardèche in Southern France, this port city dates back to the 5th century with an upper walled town, narrow cobbled streets, Romanesque cathedral and a castle terrace offering magnificent scenery of rooftops and the Rhone River. The river port in Viviers is made up of Rhone River and River Escoutay, both forming a huge lake for easy access by boats, kayaks and river cruises.
  • The popular canoeing and kayaking area made up of series of gorges in the Ardèche river known as Gorges de l’Ardèche is a widely-acclaimed tourist attraction in southern France, running from Vallon-Pont-d’Arc to Saint-Martin-d’Ardèche. The main highlight of the attraction is the large natural bridge and perfectly carved out arch of Pont-d’Arc, stretching 60m wide and 54m high in the cruise port of Viviers, France.
  • The fine features of St. Vincent Cathedral, namely the bell tower, tapestries and mixture of Roman and flamboyant gothic architectural styles make up this masterpiece currently standing as the smallest active cathedral in France. It took well over a century to complete the look of the campanile, contributing to the fierce protection it receives as a national heritage site.
  • Be sure to do a walking tour at night from the town center to the top of the hill and immerse yourself in the past. The panoramic view of the town from the hilltop is worth every effort to get there. The beauty of the cruise port of Viviers, France is in a class of its own, visible to those truly seeking it.

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