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Vik, Norway Cruise Port

Vik is a beautiful Norwegian cruise port nestled amidst an array of picturesque mountains. As an old Viking settlement, its aged architecture and rich décor date back to the 12th century. This small community, with its history as an early religious settlement, contains a number of ancient churches that were built in the Viking age. From port, visitors can take it easy with the numerous shops and cafes in town, explore the historical sites, or wander further through the fjords, trails, and into mountains. Vik offers guided tours, like the Silver Ring Cultural Tour, offering an insiders’ look at the serene landscapes and the important cultural attractions of the municipality. Tourists can also find adventure by hiking the many trails within the local parks, joining an excursion across the highest mountains, or by taking in the elements of the Waterfall Path which includes a route with 14 waterfalls and seven lakes.


  • Revel in the resilient masonry of the medieval Hove Stone Church. Or appreciate the Hopperstad Stave Church built using the same technology that made Viking ships durable and long-lasting. Each church continues to stand after nearly 900 years.
  • Rivers, lakes, and waterfalls are plentiful within the Stølsheimen Nature Preserve, Vikafijellet Park, and Nærøyfjorden World Heritage Park. Visit them to view the wonders of nature such as wild reindeer, active glaciers, meadows, and mountains.
  • Find adventure in and around the fjords in nearby Balestrand with guided boat tours around the mountains. Or take a train or bus over the mountains to Voss and Flåm to take in their awe-inspiring natural wonders.
  • Dine and enjoy the freshest beverages at the Cider House. Sitting above an organic fruit orchard with over 100 varieties of fruit used to in the making of juice, cider, and brandy.

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