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Vestmannaey Island, Iceland Cruise Port

Located of the southern coast of Iceland, Vestmannaeyjar is both a municipality and an archipelago that is sometimes anglicized as the Westman Islands. The largest island in the chain is Heimaey, which has a population of over 4,000, many of whom live in the main town of Vestmannaeyjabaer. In 1973, about one fifth of the town was destroyed by flowing lava after the Eldfell volcano erupted, forcing a month-long evacuation of the entire area. Heimaey has an airport and a golf course and is quite the tourist destination, particularly in the summer months when over 8 million bright-beaked puffins come to the island to breed. The Heimaey port also offers ferry to take visitors to the mainland and some of the smaller surrounding islands. One such island, Surtsey, is one of the world’s newest, having been formed in the mid-1960s from hardened lava after another eruption. The area also has many festivals, particularly in the summer.


  • For indescribable beauty, be sure to visit Hallgrimskirkja, a very unique, tall, but not wide church. Take the elevator to the top to appreciate the architecture as well as the view.
  • Explore the Eldheimar Museum and learn about the creation of Surtsey as well as get the entire story on the massive 1973 eruption. Here you can also learn about the area’s history and culture.
  • Also known as the Hill of Fire, the Eldfell volcano hasn’t seen too much action since the 70s, but hardened lava still covers parts of the town and the volcano itself is depleted in height.
  • Visit the unique Saeheimar Aquarium, which doesn’t include species you might see at a “normal” aquarium, but rather animals of all sorts that are abundant in Iceland.

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