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Noss, Scotland Cruise Port

Noss is a very small and previously inhabited island found in Shetland, Scotland. The island is a sheep-farm and also doubles as a national nature reserve and is believed to have had no permanent inhabitants since 1939. Noss is separated from the nearby Bressay by the Noss Sound. The island has several soaring cliffs and it is also famed for being a home to a variety of seabirds. The occasional otters and porpoises can be seen because they frequent the island’s shore. The island is without a doubt an ideal tourist destination. Featured below are some of the recommended experiences, attractions, and activities that visitors will definitely enjoy after cruising to Noss, Scotland:
  • Visitors should not miss the chance to go on a boat tour of the island. There is a thrill that comes with a speeding boat that is a unique experience in itself. Plus the opportunity to view the whole island from the water offers a rewarding perspective.
  • Adventurers and nature lovers alike should be thrilled that the island can be explored on foot. There are hiking trails around the island that bring visitors closer to the region's wildlife and some of its land features like steep cliffs.
  • Birdwatchers and nature lovers should not miss the opportunity to view the island’s vast array of nesting seabirds. Some of the birds that can be found on the island include gannets, guillemots, marauding great skuas, fulmars, and kittiwakes. They are found both inland and in the nooks in the cliffs.
  • Visitors should also take the time to visit the island’s Pony Pund, which is a station that was built for the breeding of Shetland ponies intended to work underground in the coal mines. Here, visitors will get the chance to learn more about the very delicate process.
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