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St. Kilda, Scotland Cruise Port

Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, St. Kilda is an isolated archipelago northwest of North Uist. It contains the westernmost islands of Scotland’s Outer Hebrides. Because of its exceptional cliffs and sea stacks, this secluded patch of land is the single most important seabird breeding station in northwest Europe. The specialized bird species include: northern gannets, Atlantic puffins, and the northern fulmars. These St. Kilda islands are owned by the conservation organization, National Trust for Scotland, and in 1986 the entire archipelago was designated a World Heritage Site—one of six in all of Scotland. Two breeds of early sheep—the Soay and the Boreray—still inhabit these small islands and can trace their lineage back to the Stone and Iron Ages, respectively. Visiting ships are required to contact the National Trust in advance before docking to keep this Scheduled Ancient Monument, National Scenic Area, and Site of Special Scientific Interest as pure as possible.


  • For an interesting look at the underbelly of the island, book a tour to view the underground caves and alcoves and see the effects of powerful waves working more than 200 feet below sea level.
  • The Soay sheep inhabit the inaccessible island of the same name where they live a feral, free life. They can be viewed from off-island but never touched.
  • Lady Grange’s House is a set of ruins that once acted as an isolated prison for a woman married to a Jacobite sympathizer whose plotting she overheard. The building was a humble cleit, or hut, overlooking a meadow.
  • A small medieval village lies near Tobar Childa, about 1,000 feet from shore. The oldest building and its underground annexes dates back to between 500 BC and 300 AD.

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