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London, England Cruise Port

As the saying goes, the sun never sets on the British Empire. While this is a bit outdated, Britain’s influence has been spread around the globe. When cruising to London you can learn about the traditions and customs that impacted areas like Hong Kong, Australia and the United States. London is filled with wonderful history of kings and queens, feuding politicians and the boom of the industrial revolution. Today, London remains a world capital that attracts a lot of attention. Especially with new attractions and intrigue into the most famous royals, including the new heir, Prince George. So succumb to full on anglophilia on a cruise to London, and follow our suggestions for a few memorable things to do:

  • Britain’s royalty and religious identities are best represented at Westminster Abbey where kings and queens have been crowned, wed and buried for generations.
  • See a cutting edge show at London’s West End. The British equivalent to Broadway, the West End offers amazing performances of classic shows and innovative new dramatic plays.
  • English writers are some of the most lauded wits and scholars, including William Shakespeare, Jane Austen and George Orwell. Perhaps one of the most influential British authors was Charles Dickens. Visit his home to get a true sense into his process and work.
  • Go for a ride on the London Eye for spectacular views. This 443-foot Ferris wheel offers special champagne rides at night, for all you romantics.
  • Explore the Victoria and Albert Museum, which has all forms of arts and crafts. This includes fashion, paintings, furniture and sculpture. 

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