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Les Andelys, France Cruise Port

The view of the splendid cruise port of Les Andelys inspired generations of artists over the years and still attracts huge audiences today. Tracing the origin of this quaint little getaway takes us back to two small fishing villages built around the Seine River and later combined to create this charming town in the Upper Normandy region of northern France. Best known for the ruins of Château Gaillard built on a spur in the 13th century, the cruise port of Les Andelys, France can boast of beautiful views over the Seine River and its surrounding countryside. The highlight of this attraction is the steep climb to the castle.
With plenty to explore while cruising to Les Andelys, these places of attraction are only a highlight of the amazing sights to encounter:
  • The present structure of Notre Dame Collegiate Church is small but exquisite. It was erected between the 13th and 17th centuries in an impressive gothic style with exceptional series of stained glass windows dating back to the 16th century. The windows were used to educate the people of biblical text and historical figures, while the mercies which adorned the stalls represented animals and scenes of daily life. Walk through and admire the works of Quentin Varin, the traveling painter.
  • Built by England’s King Richard the Lionheart in 1196 over a period of two years in order to protect the river Seine and the city of Rouen from the ambitions of the King of France, Philip Augustus, Château Gaillard was the perfect model of the military architecture of its time. Over the years it has seen many occupants; from the royal residence of King Louis IX to King David II. Today, this marvelous structure stands as the object of great pleasure for the inhabitants of the cruise port of Les Andelys, France.
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