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Narvik, Norway Cruise Port

Within the sparkling the Norwegian Sea is the Ofotfjord, an inlet located around 120 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Here is the cruise port of Narvik, Norway, third-largest town in Nordland county. Originally called Victoriahavn after Britain’s Queen Victoria, earlier history reaches back to the Stone Age and includes the Vikings’ arrival. The town's modern history didn't begin until 1870, when the Swedish government built a railway to Narvik in order to use its ice-free harbor to export iron ore. Although it's one of the most northernmost towns in the world, the influence of the Gulf Stream makes the climate less severe than expected, which allows tourists to enjoy many outdoor activities year-round. You can experience the midnight sun late 25 May until mid to late July, with polar night occurring from early December to early January. Here are some of our favorite experiences when cruising to Narvik, Norway:
  • Exploring the nearby fjords will bring you close to the natural beauty of the north. There are several in the area, including the Beisfjorden, Herjangsfjord, and Rombaken which can be reached via hiking, kayak, or guided tour.
  • The town has some fascinating places to learn history, including the restored buildings that house the Ofoten Museum. Here you'll learn about the area's farming, fishing, and railway heritage, complete with interactive displays. Other exhibits include photos, local artefacts and costumes.
  • For some military history, check out the Nordland Røde Kors Krigsminnemuseum (Red Cross War Museum), which brings to life the campaigns fought in the area during World War II. The moving displays include uniforms worn by nurses to the very mugs soldiers used.
  • Get a view of the surrounding peaks and fjords from above by taking a ride up Narvikfjellet on the mountain's cable car. Not only for sightseeing, it also takes skiers to the top; you can take the car back down, or use one of the walking trails for a brisk walk back to town.
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