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Paamiut (Frederickshaab), Greenland Cruise Port

If you ever wanted to visit a town with its own guardian animal, then traveling to the small cruise port of Paamiut, Greenland is in order. Formerly called Frederikshab (also Frederickshaab or Frederick's Hope), Paamiut can be found on the coast of Labrador Sea, an arm of the North Atlantic Ocean. The white-tailed eagle, called Nattoralik by the Greenlandic people, lives here in abundance, and is also said to bring good luck to anyone who spots it. The town of around 1,500 people has been inhabited since at least 1500 B.C. Europeans began settling here in 1742 when the company established by Dano-Norwegian merchant Jacob Severin made it a trading post and named it Frederickshaab after Prince Frederick of Denmark. After initially trading fur, whale products, and soapstone art, it eventually developed a successful cod industry. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Paamiut, Greenland:
  • For the town's history, visit the Paamiut Museum, created from a circle of stone and timber buildings. Here you'll find the former governor's home transformed into the main hall and tourist office, along with an old trading post, cooperage, whaling exhibits, and more.
  • Considered one of the finest churches in Greenland, the wooded Friedenskirche was built in 1909 in the Norwegian style. The resulting green and red facade is something right out of a storybook and adds to the village's charm.
  • Outdoor types will love to explore the many hiking trails, especially the beautiful area towards the Blue Mountains. To see a view of the entire town spread out below, hike toward Bellavista, the designated lookout spot. More adventurous types can hike to the Sermilik Fjord, where glaciers flow from the Greenland Ice Sheet.
  • Animal lovers will delight in Paamiut's wildlife, especially the marine varieties. With both seals and at least 20 species of whales (such as minke whales, fin whales, humpback whales, and orcas), taking a whale safari is understandably popular. Birdwatchers can get their fill as well, thanks to an abundance of falcons and all of those sea eagles.
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