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Itilleq, Greenland Cruise Port

Nestled on the shores of Davis Strait on a tiny island off the coast of western Greenland, Itilleq is a small, close-knit village within the Qeqqata municipality. With just over 100 citizens, the people make their living working at the fish processing factory—the village’s leading employer—or by fishing, hunting, and selling their wares. Like many settlements in Greenland, there are no roads connecting into Itilleq making the weekly ferries from Sisimiut, where the closest airport is located and many cruise ships dock, the best way to reach the settlement. The village itself offers amazing views from its impeccable location about a mile above the Arctic Circle. The community has an inviting look with colorful houses, long seaside trails, and mountains and glaciers encompassing most of the island. The island has no natural freshwater; therefore, the people and visitors rely on a helpful facility that converts seawater to fresh.


  • The Davis Strait is Itilleq’s major geographical feature. As a northern arm of the Labrador Sea, it stretches from the middle of Greenland to parts of Nunavut, Canada.
  • With water a short trek from every side of the settlement, seaside hikes are very popular. They’re often an invigorating experience where you can walk around from one body of water to another as the wind blows your face.
  • The glacial fields running up and down the Davis Strait are a stunning sight to behold. While they may not be the largest glaciers, the sheer number of them is quite impressive.
  • A hike through town can also be a rewarding experience, especially once you’ve passed all the beautiful houses and move on to the colorful, picturesque mountain ranges.

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