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Siglufjordur, Iceland Cruise Port

Sharing its name with the northern coast of Iceland, Siglufjordur is a small fishing town with a population of under 1,500 people. Located in a narrow fjord, this former municipality merged with nearby Olafsfjorour—which it’s connected to via the Heoinsfjorour tunnel—to create the larger municipality of Fjallabyggo, or Mountain Settlement. The town matured around the herring industry which saw its prominence in the 1940s and 50s and coincided with the town’s highest recorded population. While the herring trade has waned since then, fishing remains the major industry, although Iceland is trying to revitalize the area by improving land transportation and the general infrastructure. Recent years have brought a big turnout for cruises; however, there is still plenty of room for them to grow. Visitors enjoy Siglufjordur’s quaint, small-town atmosphere, as well as the serene mountain scenery, and they hang around to check out local treasures such as the Herring Era Museum and Folk Music Center.


  • The Herring Era Museum is Iceland’s largest maritime museum with three different buildings showcasing the history of Iceland’s glory days of herring dominance..
  • Learn about and taste some of the town’s local beers at Seagull 67. Once a fish factory, this converted space puts the brewing process on display through transparent, glass walls..
  • Get a taste for Icelandic folk music at the Folk Music Centre. Located in the Madame House, this museum is stuffed with history of this unique musical genre and the knowledgeable guides are never shy about answering questions..
  • If your desire is to explore the area on horseback, look no further than Fjallahestar’s horse-riding tours. Led by learned equestrians, this tour dares you to view the area in a whole new way..

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