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PATREKSFJORDUR, Iceland Cruise Port

Patreksfjordur—or Patrick’s Fjord—is a lowly populated village in Iceland’s Westfjords. The town got its name from Saint Patrick, who was the spiritual guide of the original settler and founder. The town’s amenities include two cafes, two restaurants, and a gas station. There’s also a hotel, four guesthouses, a bank, campsite, and a communal swimming pool. Patreksfjordur is also the gateway to the Southern Westfjords. This special, preserved area is unique in its natural wonders, birdlife, and landscapes. Most of the travelers coming through town have some desire to trek this area. Besides craggy, uneven surfaces carved by water over many years, there are great, beautiful waterfalls spread throughout some of the trails as well as impressive cliffs, and relaxing, very secluded beaches. Visitors have many options on how to traverse the many trails, including hiking, biking, horseback riding, or miniature motorized vehicles. Each method involves different trails and completely specialized views.


  • For a guided tour of some of the Southern Westfjords’ most sought after highlights, book an excursion with Westfjords Adventures. They offer bus tours to the top three locations and are happy to create packages to best suit individual tourists.
  • After a day of eventful day, the Birkimelur Swimming Pool is the ideal spot for a warm, relaxing soak. Open from noon to midnight, seven days a week this community pool is one of the town’s staples.
  • Gaze at local art that is switched out every month at the HUSID – House of Creativity. Be sure to also check out the artists’ work stations and the wonderful café.
  • While staying in town is nice, to really experience nature, head out for a hike along any of the surrounding trails and enjoy the scenic overlooks.

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