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Aappilattoq, Greenland Cruise Port

Located in the district of Upernavik on the shores of Prince Christian Sound, Aappilattoq is a Greenlandic settlement within the Avannaata communia. This particular communia became a municipality of Greenland at the beginning of 2018. Roughly 14 miles from the district’s capital, Aappilattoq was first founded in 1805, became a trading port in 1850, and remains so to this day. Most of the population is employed in the fish and seal sector or are whalers. Most ships are unable to dock at port and instead the passengers, cargo, and/or goods are transported to the mainland by much smaller, more maneuverable boats. There is also a heliport for visitors wishing to come in through the air. Because of wintery weather and beyond-repair road conditions, the settlement doesn’t see much automobile traffic. Instead, people get around by either snowmobile or dog sled. Glaciers surround the waters and, despite causing icebergs, remain a source of great natural beauty.


  • For a township of around 130 people, one of the main congregating points is the general store. There people can get supplies, bait, and tell their best fish stories.
  • The government contracted heliport is a stunning sight to see since most of the vehicles that land there are primarily cargo helicopters which look nothing like an average helicopter.
  • The other major spot in town where people get together is the local church. Its services are spread out over the week to accommodate their citizens’ busy work schedules.
  • Since it’s surrounded almost entirely by mountains, there aren’t too many places to escape to when you’re at Aappilattoq; however, the natural beauty and craggy grounds make it an ideal place to explore by foot.

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