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Sisimiut Holsteinsborg, Greenland Cruise Port

Located on the coast of Davis Strait in central-western Greenland, Sisimiut—formally known as Holsteinborg, its colonial name—is Greenland’s second largest city and largest in the Qeqqata municipality. While at this time, only small ships are permitted to dock, there are plenty of transport ships to ferry visitors from larger ships to the mainland. The port is ice-free all year round, the northernmost port in the country to boast this claim. Since it’s located just above the Arctic Circle, it’s also the southernmost town where you can travel by dogsled in both the winter and spring. In the town’s old quarter, there are buildings from the 18th century colonial era. Some have been converted into museums, while others, like Greenland’s second oldest church, retain their original purpose. Many shops deal in souvenirs that are homemade and cannot be found anywhere else. The Greenlandic artists follow tradition/customs while making the art their own.


·         Explore the ins and outs of the town’s primarily Inuit history at the Sisimiut Museum. Prior to colonialization, various Inuit tribes settled in the area all with their own personal customs and rituals which are preserved in this museum.

·         Take to the waters for some incredible whale watching with Sirius Greenland. Humpbacks and a few other whale varieties aren’t shy about making their presence known in a big way; it is their natural habitat, after all.

·         Experienced and enthusiastic hikers can get quite excited about the Arctic Circle trail. It’s listed as one of the best long-distance hikes in the world, clocking in at over 120 miles!

For an authentic look at the town’s historic culture, the Taseralik Cultural Center hosts local artists and invites traveling theater troupes, as well as musicians of various genres

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