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Whittier, Alaska Cruise Port

Perched on the edge of a long fjord with crystal clear water, Whittier is one of Alaska’s lesser known towns. However, this beautiful quaint town is surrounded by mountains dripping with glaciers and located near the head of the Passage Canal with the Prince William Sound to the west. And downtown is just a short coach bus ride from the cruise ships. By land, the only way to enter Whittier is through the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel which is used for both road and tunnel. Known as photographers’ paradise with its many picturesque waterfalls and glaciers, Whittier is also home to an abundance of wildlife such as porpoise, sea otters, goats, deer and more.

  • Cruise into the Prince William Sound and soak in the beautiful scenery of crystal clear water and magnificent glaciers that surround you.
  • A must-do during your time in port is to visit the Prince William Sound Museum which is packed full of history and will provide you with a better understanding of the area.
  • For the freshest catch in town, be sure to dine in one of the many restaurants offering delicious fresh caught seafood.


Whittier, Alaska Cruise Port:

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