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Monumental Island, Canada Cruise Port

Monumental Island is classified as being an uninhabited offshore island of the Baffin Island that is found in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago in the Canadian Territory of Nunavut. It is more specifically located in the Davis Strait, a fair distance between the Little Hall Island and the Lady Franklin Island, all of which can be found in the country's Qikiqtaaluk Region. The island got its name when an Arctic explorer called Charles Francis Hall visited the island and decided to name it “Monumental” as a tribute to Sir John Franklin. The latter was also an Arctic explorer. He disappeared while on an expedition through the Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic. Featured below are some of the experiences, attractions, and activities that visitors could enjoy after cruising to Monumental Island, Canada:
  • Visitors who have an interest in exploring the Arctic should not miss the opportunity to view this uninhabited island. The glaciers and ice features, characteristic of the region provide a unique landscape view that makes the visit worthwhile for tourists with an open mind.
  • The island is also said to be one of the favorite resting point for walruses. These huge amphibious mammals take a break from swimming by basking on the glaciers and scattered islands in huge numbers. The scene is worth the visit by tourists in the region.
  • The island is also home to some polar bears. Wildlife lovers should be thrilled to get a chance to see the world's largest land carnivore while it is in its natural habitat. The polar bears can be seen roaming the glaciers and surrounding islands in search of food.
  • The vast and untouched expanse of the island makes for an interesting challenge for explorers and adventurers, whose sense of curiosity permits them to hike the trek across the island's many features. Traveling to the location provides visitors with insight and ability to take spectacular photos of a place that is rarely visited.
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