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Red Bay, Canada Cruise Port

Red Bay is a fishing village, which was a major Basque whaling region in the early 17th century. It derives its name from the red granite cliffs in the region and is a natural harbor, which was used extensively as a mooring site for naval vessels during the Second World War. It became popular during the mid-sixteenth century, when large numbers of whalers from the Basque region of France and Spain went to the region because of the bowhead whales. The site features a number of whaling galleons and chalupas that were used for capturing whales. It is considered as one of the most valuable underwater archeological sites located in the Americas, and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013. Featured below are some of the recommended experiences, attractions, and activities that visitors could enjoy after cruising to Red Bay, Canada:
  • Red Bay has a special treat that would interest history enthusiasts and tourists in general. Costumed interpreters entertain visitors by sharing with them the tales of adventures revolving around whalers, shipwrecks, the fortunes won, and the lives lost during the voyages.
  • Visitors should take advantage of the opportunity to visit the Right Whale Exhibit Museum. It offers the chance to view the whale skeleton as well as acquire invaluable information on the history of whaling in North America among other things.
  • Tourists will be thrilled by the exploration tours that are facilitated and structured by able and experienced guides who have extensive knowledge about the region. A visitor can decide to study the sites where whalers worked and lived with the aim of learning more about their lives.
  • Visitors should hop on a water taxi, cross over to Saddle Island, and visit the whaler’s cemetery. Archeologists revealed over sixty graves and more than a hundred skeletons, believed to be Basque whalers who had died as a result of accidents, daily hazards, or drowning.

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