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Lower Savage Islands, Canary Islands Cruise Port

The Lower Savage Islands, sometimes called the Salvage Islands, are located in the Canadian Arctic on an extended archipelago in the isolated territory of Nunavut. The islands lie among the Davis Strait and Gabriel Strait. Baffin itself is the largest island in all of Canada and the fifth largest island in the world. While the population is just above 10,000, that’s over a quarter of all the people in the extensively large territory of Nunavut. It’s widely accepted that the ancient Norse or Viking explorers knew about these lands well before anyone from the Anglo-Saxon world. Many historians believe Baffin Island is the site of Helluland which was often mentioned in the sagas of Erik the Red and Leif Erikson. The area itself has a frozen tundra atmosphere which gets even colder above the Lower Savages and beyond the Labrador Sea.


  • Cruise ships, often larger ones, may make way through this area on tours of the mighty glaciers. The sheer size of these natural wonders is a sight to behold.
  • Despite retreating since the 1960s, the Barnes Ice Cap situated in the middle of Baffin Island and within the mountains still stretches over 2,300 miles.
  • The impressive Arctic wildlife on the islands includes Arctic foxes, caribou, Arctic wolves, Arctic rabbits and the occasional polar bear.
  • Any boat trip around these islands promises a barrage of scenery. From the near-endless mountains, the glaciers and the thick, rolling fog, the northern Arctic is an environment all its own.
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