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Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland Cruise Port

Formally known as Scoresbysund, Ittoqqortoormiit is a settlement of several hundred people in eastern Greenland’s Sermersooq municipality. Like many Greenlandic ports, cruise ships are meant to stay further out at sea to avoid icebergs and glaciers while smaller boats ferry in the passengers. The harbor lies deep within Scoresby Sound which contains the largest fjord complex in the world, as well as the longest fjord. The region is known for the wildlife around the fjords, including musk oxen, seals, and polar bears. Not many people visit the outlying region where the sea is frozen nine months out of the year and the winters and nights are long. However, those who do will have access to near untouched wilderness where few people dare to tread. The settlement offers various excursions by kayak or dogsled, as well as hiking and sailing if the weather permits. North of the settlement lies a national park with more land to explore.


  • Venture north to Northeast Greenland National Park for more wintery land. Head out on an expedition to see wildlife, glaciers, and fjords as up close as you can possibly get while remaining safe.
  • Kayak tours are a popular way to get up and close with the glaciers and icebergs that surround the shore of this small town. Experienced guides will get you as close as possible.
  • For your viewing pleasure, head or gaze out into Scoresbysund Sound and observe the main row of enormous fjords cutting around the largest island of the system, Milne Land.
  • The sled dogs, who are mostly huskies, offer a unique method to get around town and really see the sights at an invigorating and brisk pace.

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