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Ko Kood, Thailand Cruise Port

Also known as Ko Kut, the cruise port of Ko (or Koh) Kood, Thailand is an eastern district with a population of only around 2,000 residents. Located about an hour from the mainland via speedboat, this out-of-the-way island is made up of quiet villages and coconut plantations. Thanks to limited development, it's a place where those who prefer a low-key vacation can enjoy themselves on one of the island's pristine beaches without being crowded by too many other tourists. It’s also perfect for those who aren’t interested in nightlife, unless that includes gazing into a star-filled sky. Getting is as easy as taking a taxi or as fun as renting a motorbike (or regular bicycle, if you like more of a challenge). There’s plenty of nature to explore, both on land and under the water. Here are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Ko Kood, Thailand:
  • For an idea of how the islanders live, visit the settlement of Ao Salat, which does have a few more amenities than most other areas. Since it's a fishing village, you can get extremely fresh seafood here; for an even more authentic fishing village, check out Ao Yai at the southeast end of the island.
  • While the island is full of waterfalls to visit, one of the most popular is Khlong Chao Waterfalls, a fairly accessible spot by foot, although some like to kayak there. The pool formed at the bottom is great for swimming, especially if you enjoy the sensation of fish nibbling on your feet.
  • One the way to the Huang Num Keaw or "Secret" Waterfall, you can visit Macca trees (sometimes just called the Old Trees), rumored to be anywhere from 300 to 500 years old. Located within the lush rainforest, these tall trees are an awe-inspiring sight.
  • Khao Rearub or Battleship Mountain can be found behind Ngamkho Bay. A relatively easy path leads to a uniquely-shaped rock formation that some say resembles a war ship; there's also a shrine at the top used as a place of worship by the Thai people.
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