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Tokyo, Japan Cruise Port

Cruise to Tokyo to experience this world-renowned metropolis on the cutting edge. In between towering skyscrapers you’ll find Japanese citizens hurrying from one place to the next with technology so advanced you might think you’ve time traveled to the future. However, despite the scurrying masses you’ll get nothing but smiles and help from the courteous Japanese citizens who have strict rules regarding etiquette. Along with all the modern aspects of the city, you can get an insight into what Tokyo once was with a visit to the former Imperial Palace, which is mostly in ruins, but is surrounded by well-manicured gardens. There is also the Senso-Ji Shinto Shrine built in the 1600s. Tokyo is divided into many different neighborhoods and in each you’ll find something different, from the swanky department stores in the Ginza district to Nakano where you’ll find anime and manga fans. Cruises to Tokyo offer travelers a fascinating glimpse into Japan’s culture.

  • Get an early start at the Tsukiji Fish Market where you will see auctions of fish to wholesalers. This market sells over 450 types of seafood.
  • See swords, woodblock prints, Buddhist statues and samurai gear at the Tokyo National Museum.
  • Watch a Kabuki, a Japanese form of theater and dance which originated in 1603.
  • Head to Harajuku to find the trendy youth of Japan and shop for some colorful accessories and clothes. This neighborhood also has lots of fun restaurants.
  • Baseball may have originated in America, but it’s an extremely popular sport in Japan. In Tokyo you can check out the Yomiuri Giants and the Tokyo Dome or the Tokyo Swallows at Jingu Stadium.

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