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Nagasaki, Japan Cruise Port

The substantial influence of Western culture entwined with native history and architecture create an interesting vibe in the cruise port of Nagasaki, Japan. It is located on Kyushu Island and known as the largest city of the Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan. This city is indisputably one of Japan’s most beautiful cities with a great multicultural facet. Since Nagasaki was an early adopter to the influx of the outside world; particularly Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch traders, it quickly became an international city that thrived in the brewing and shipbuilding industries. The decline of Western control over this territory due to Japan’s efforts to minimize Western influence made it a target city in World War II, leading to the atomic bombing of the city on August 9, 1945 by the United States. The cruise port of Nagasaki, Japan is a favorite for history buffs, mostly for the historic sites and attractions below:
  • The Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum is the most popular attraction in the city, and the main reason this island is frequented by tourists. The re-creation of the atomic bombing on the city through photos, footage, and special lighting produce vivid imagery and evoke strong emotions. It is the perfect place to acquire vast knowledge on the history of the city and the series of events leading up to the destruction. This museum is conveniently located about two miles from the cruise port of Nagasaki.
  • Known as the Battleship Island, Hashima Island is only a fifty minute boat ride from Nagasaki, and an interesting place to explore. It is an abandoned island noted for its crumpling concrete apartment buildings and seawall.
  • Check out the view of the cruise port and the city of Nagasaki from Glover Garden. It’s a lush garden that was built for Thomas Blake Glover, a Scottish trader whose contributions to coal mining and shipbuilding in Japan significantly impacted the modernization of the country. The Western style architecture of the homes symbolizes strong foreign influence that existed in the city during that trading period.

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