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Kochi, Japan Cruise Port

Sailing through the Pacific Ocean to the picturesque island of Shikoku and the cruise port of Kochi, Japan is to travel to a land where the past is as alive as the present. The capital city of the Kochi Prefecture, it has a combination of mountains and hills to the north, south, and west, while the most bustling area lies at the head of Urado Bay. Originally settled as a castle town around the year 1601 by Lord Yamauchi Kazutoyo, the area grew quickly; later, Kochi became an important city for promoting human rights. With museums to visit, nature to explore, and history to relive, there is a seemingly endless list of things to do here. Foodies will be delighted to learn that a symbol of Kochi is katsuo no tataki, a lightly seared and seasoned tuna. Here are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Kochi, Japan:
  • Historic Kochi Castle was reconstructed in the 1700s and renovated in the mid-20th century, but remains in the original style. Even though all the buildings in the honmaru (innermost ring of defense) are still intact, no actual battles were ever fought here. Anime fans may recognize the castle from a scene in the Studio Ghibli film I Can Hear the Sea.
  • For some tranquility, visit Chikurin-ji Temple. Rumored to have been founded by Japanese Buddhist priest Gyoki in the early 8th century, there are many historic sculptures within its walls. Don't be surprised if you run into cats – both real and of the statue variety.
  • The Kochi Prefectural Makino Botanical Garden (or just Makino Botanical Garden) was established in 1958 and included collections of Japanese rhododendron, serpentine plants, plants of the Sohayaki region, and many others. The garden includes a museum dedicated to Tomitaro Makino, called the “Father of Japanese Botany.”
  • One of Kochi's most popular beaches is Katsurahama Beach, although you can't swim here. Thanks to its elevated location, it's still a wonderful spot to escape the city, watch the waves, and visit the nearby shrines; if hungry, stop for a taste of katsuo no tataki while you explore.
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