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Hakodate, Japan Cruise Port

Apart from the interesting display of statues, plaques and fresh Squid, the adopted symbol of the city, the cruise port of Hakodate, Japan has more to offer based on its economic and cultural significance to the country. As one of the first cities in Japan to open its gates to international trade in accordance with the treaty of Amity and Commerce at the end of the 19th century, the port city of Hakodate, Japan currently stands as a cultural mosaic with its fair share of colonial influence. The aftermath of World War II on this port city was nowhere near as destructive as what befell some famous Japanese cities. The breathtaking views and scenic beauty of the natural environment in addition to the delectable seafood, popular shopping centers and Victorian inspired churches and architecture are more than enough reasons to venture out to the cruise port of Hakodate, Japan during your sojourn to the Far East.
Explore a variety of Eastern cultures all in one location as you take time out to visit the following places of attraction during your Pacific Ocean voyage:
  • The spectacular panoramic view on the summit of Mount Hakodate could easily be the ultimate highlight of your trip. This 334 meter high mountain holds the key to observing the full splendor and vibrancy of the port city of Hakodate, Japan, especially at night. Accessible by ropeway, car or bus, you are sure to get the best unobstructed view of the city as it overlooks the bay and surrounding hillsides.
  • To try an array of local delicacies from high quality seafood to fresh vegetables while attempting to catch squids swimming vigorously in display tanks outside seafood stalls, make sure to visit the Hakodate Morning Market. You are guaranteed an on-the-spot squid sashimi made by well-known chefs in the market if only you can work some magic around your squid-catching rod. This is a great way to pass time till noon and mingle with locals for an authentic feel of the Japanese way of life.
  • An infusion of foreign and Japanese inspired architecture is in full sight in the historical district of Motomachi. Enjoy a wonderful backdrop to your captivating photos as you stroll down its sloping streets where Western and Japanese style buildings are nestled together. The juxtaposition of traditional Buddhist temples, Catholic and Episcopal churches and Japanese shrines are great indicators of the various cultural and religious influences that add to the diverse cosmopolitan feel of the cruise port of Hakodate, Japan.
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