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Sokcho, South Korea Cruise Port

Sokcho is a South Korean city with a population around 90,000 that’s located in the Gangwon-do Province. While there is a considerable amount of industry in the cityscape, Sokcho is also known for its beautiful parks and wide-open spaces. Situated above the 38th parallel, the city was part of North Korea from the mid-1940s until after the Korean War when it reverted back to South Korea. Despite its closeness to the line, it does have its own commercial airport that offers flights to and from Seoul every day. Tourists love to visit to check out the amazing mountains that surround the city on two sides. Some of the smaller peaks have really old hot springs that are as relaxing as they are a page of the nation’s ancient history. There are also a number of beaches along the coast, perfect for basking in the sun, taking walks or swimming in the deep.


  • Seoraksan National Park is a pristinely-maintained park, sectioned off to best display its flora, fascinating statues and many challenging trails.
  • For an exciting climb and outstanding view, Ulsanbawi Rock is a brilliant natural wonder that takes a few hours to climb—a sanctioned stairwell—to the mighty heights where you can see great images of the mountains and land below.
  • Sokcho’s Jungang Market is a bustling open-air market that deals in food, drink and other sundries, with an emphasis on the town’s magnificent seafood.
  • Sokcho Beach is a great place to come early in the morning for a relaxing stroll as you watch the incredible sunrise. While very crowded during the summer, the beach is quite welcoming and designed to cater to the masses or the few.

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