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Otaru, Japan Cruise Port

This quiet bedroom community is a popular vacation spot for the Japanese. During the winter this hilly town, which is surrounded on three sides by mountains, gets lots of snow and is great for skiers who want to hit the slopes.  They even have a snow festival where the city becomes a wonderland lit by thousands of snow lanterns. The fourth side of Otaru faces the Bay and its port was a major part of the development of the city and its surrounding region in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Otaru is also known for having some of the freshest fish and great locally produced beer. Cruise to Otaru, Japan to enjoy this lesser-known Asian vacation spot.
  • The city’s idyllic canal is the most popular attraction in the city. This waterway is romantic and surrounded by shopping.
  • Known for its arts and crafts, one of Otaru’s most interesting products are music boxes. Check out these beautiful works of art and purchase your own at the Otaru Music Box Museum. 
  • Herring fishing was a major industry in Otaru until the 1950s. Now you can visit Nishin Goten, the Herring Mansion, where wealthy fisherman both lived and worked. This particular building is now a museum displaying tools used for herring fishing.
  • K’s Blowing offers customers the chance to learn the art of glass blowing, which is one of the major crafts produced in Otaru. 

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