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Sakata, Japan Cruise Port

To feel and experience East Asia in an authentic way, head out to the cruise port of Sakata, Japan. The city faces the Sea of Japan and is located at the mouth of Mogami River. With a population of about 105,022 people, most of the inhabitants are involved in manufacturing, agriculture and commercial fishing. As one of the two most important port towns in all of Japan during the Edo Period (1603-1868), the cruise port of Sakata holds a special place in Japanese history. The city is situated on the coastal plains of Yamagata Prefecture in the Tohoku region of northern Japan and several aspects of Kansai culture took root here. Remnants of the vibrant history, culture and influence of the elite merchant class are still alive in the minds of the natives. Cruising to Sakata, Japan is an extraordinary adventure where activities like the following will leave a lasting impression:
  • From a purely historical point of view, Sankyo Soko is an impressive piece of architecture with a long row of traditional warehouses that once stored rice, dried fish, grains, benibaba and other local foods. Walk around for unique photo opportunities and purchase a few souvenirs from the gift shop. Remember, each season holds a different aura of beauty in the cruise port of Sakata, Japan so be ready to explore.
  • Enjoy sitting in centuries-old furniture, appreciating a collection of Oriental ceramics and other Homma Family treasures in Homma Museum of Art. It is essentially a house with a traditional Japanese garden featuring dozens of carefully shaped white azaleas and many wonderful stone lanterns. Once owned by the famously wealthy Homma family, this mansion has now been converted into a museum for your viewing pleasure.
  • For an authentic Japanese tea house experience and unique dining culture, don’t miss a traditional bento lunch in Somaro. As local seasonal foods are being served in a traditional tatami room, traditional maiko dancing will be performed much to your delight. Somaya, now Somaro was the most famous eatery in Sakata during the Edo period, and it has recently been restored to a very high standard. Have your photo taken with the Maiko-San and don’t forget to buy a lovely piece of Furoshiki cloth from the gift store.

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