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Takamatsu, Japan Cruise Port

Takamatsu is a city located on the island of Shikoku, Japan. It is the capital city of the Kagawa Prefecture and is designated as a core city by the Government of Japan. Takamatsu has a long and rich history owing to the fact that it has been an influential economic and political center since the Edo period, however, it was officially founded in the year 1890. This city was a target of the United States during World War II. The U.S. deployed over eight hundred tons of bombs that destroyed more than 70% of the built up areas. Listed below are some of the recommended attractions, experiences and activities that visitors could enjoy after cruising to Takamatsu, Japan:
  • Visitors who enjoy being one with nature will enjoy a visit to Ritsurin Park, which is an expansive and beautiful landscape garden that was originally built for the Sasuma and Sanuki lords. The garden is filled with intriguing items and has a captivating scenery.
  • Visitors should not fail to visit Ogijima Island, which is found near Takamatsu, as it offers the opportunity to explore the region and learn more about it. This small island has a lighthouse and a lovely village where one can have an authentic experience and get to interact with the locals.
  • Visitors cruising to Takamatsu for the first time should not miss the opportunity to pop into a restaurant and order a bowl of Sanuki Udon, a dish, which the city is extremely popular for. The dish is served at a variety of restaurants including Udon Bakaichidai.
  • Takamatsu has a special treat for people that love to shop. The city has a number of long shopping streets that are called shotengai. There are all kinds of shops between Kawaramachi and Takamatsu Station where one can purchase a wide variety of items.

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