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Hiroshima, Japan Cruise Port

Hiroshima, Japan is a thriving city and cruise port that has been beautifully rebuilt from the rubble and devastation after the first atomic bomb attack in 1945. Hiroshima is part of Japan’s largest island which has many old towns and an exciting night life. When cruising to Hiroshima, you must see the Peace Memorial Park that holds many beautiful memorials, statues, museums and structures. Try something different and indulge in some of Hiroshima’s local flavor at a variety of different restaurants. Below are a few of our favorite things to do while cruising to this City of Peace, Hiroshima:

  • Sample a different culinary experience while in Hiroshima and try their “Okonomiyaki,” a healthy crepe filled with meat, seafood, cabbage and vegetables.
  • Shop at the center of the city, from Kamiya-cho to Hacchobori, home to one of the largest downtown areas in Western Japan.
  • Explore the Hiroshima Castle, designated as a national treasure in 1931, and tour what is now a fascinating museum surrounded by a moat.
  • Experience Hiroshima’s many shrines and temples at Itsukushima Shrine, known to offer one of the best views in Japan.
  • Enjoy a ride down the Motoyasu River, where the you can see the Peace Memorial Park and its surrounding cherry blossom trees.

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