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Sendai, Japan Cruise Port

Cruise to Sendai to experience Japanese traditions and modern luxuries. Sendai is an exciting city which has something for everyone. Foodies will enjoy the traditional fare found in the local markets. Beef tongue, which originated in Sendai, is a must try. History buffs will love exploring the local castles and should make a trip to the Sendai Castle ruins to visit the museum. There you’ll also have a unique view of the city. Art lovers will feel at home at the various museums in Sendai. A must see is the Miyagi Museum of Art, which houses works by both famous and local artists. However, these aren’t the only things to do in Sendai! The city also features great shopping, golf courses, and relaxing hot springs. Cruise to Sendai to experience a fascinating glimpse into Japan’s culture. Plan your cruise to Sendai, Japan today!
  • Visit the Asaichi Street Market to sample some traditional foods including cold Chinese noodles, spicy miso ramen, beef tongue, and sweets.
  • Sendai is called the City of Trees and the Jozenji-dori Avenue shows why! Take a relaxing walk down the avenue and enjoy the majestic zelkova trees that line both sides of the street. You’ll also find plenty of places to shop or grab something to eat along the avenue!
  • Learn about the fascinating history of Sendai and the feudal lord Date Masamune, who founded the city, by visiting the Sendai City Museum.
  • Check out the Daikamon statue depicting the Goddess of Mercy. It is one of the world’s tallest statues, and visitors can reach the top by elevator to experience a breathtaking view of the city.

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